Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday 25th May

Managed to get out in the glorious sunshine we've been having all week.
I didn't go far as i'm still recovering from respirtory problems i've been having, at least i managed a couple of miles.
I did get to see a few things though. Which varied from plants to birds. Here are some of the plants i saw.




Whilst i was out i took some pictures of the landscape around me.

A View of Foreness Point.

Palm Bay Tidal Pool.

Now for the last part of my blog. Here we have some pictures of Meadow Pipit and Herring Gulls.

I almost forgot, i also spotted this Painted Lady Butterfly as well.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Weekend of the 11-13th May.

Well, what a wet and horrible few weeks or so it has been!
I have never known it to rain so much. But saying that what a difference a few weeks make.
The last time i went on my usual wander there was blossom about and buds were starting to sprout, but that was it.
This weekend when i went for a wander, what a wonderful sight that beheld me!
There was leaves on the trees with so many shades of lush greenery and plants about.
Here are some images of what i saw, i hope you enjoy.